Game 6 preview

After winning three games straight the Oilers have overcome a bad start to the season and they now have a winning record of 3-2. Theres a couple of key players that will be out for tonight’s game. The Oilers will be without Ty Rattie which isn’t ideal but it means Yamamto will be given a […]

Game 4 preview

Tonights game against the Jets gives the Oilers a chance to do something a lot of fans have wanted see since last season and that’s to get to .500. It won’t be easy, the Jets are a legitimate contender and they won both of their games against Edmonton last year so this game will be […]

Game 3 preview

After starting the season 0-2 a lot has been made about this game being a must win for the Oilers, especially after Elliott Friedman mentioned that no one in edmonton is feeling secure. A lot of the talk on Twitter hasn’t been if people will get fired but which people and how long it will […]

Chip In For Wins

One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while and one of my biggest goals with this blog isn’t to just spread positivity and optimism but to give to charity and hopefully make a positive difference. What I’ve decided to do is start what I’m calling Chip In For Wins. The idea behind it […]

Top 6 things to look forward to.

I think there’s so much to look forward to this season that I couldn’t even narrow it down to a more traditional top 5 list, so here it is my list of the top 6 things to look forward to this year. 6. Goaltending There is plenty of debate over the contract of new backup […]

Predicting McDavid

The number one thing that not just Oiler fans but hockey fans have to look forward to next year is seeing another year of Connor McDavid. Connor McDavid is the best player in the game today and it’s not close, in his three seasons so far he has 1 Heart trophy, 2 Art Ross trophies […]

Predicting Nuge

I think most fans would agree that Ryan Nugent Hopkins is a smart, skilled player with excellent vision. That’s what got him drafted first overall in the 2011 entry draft and has made him a fan favorite ever since. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Nugent Hopkins managed to do so well when […]