If I made “the plan”

When a season is as disappointing as the 2018/19 season was and when a team is still missing the playoffs 13 years into a 5 year rebuild, people start to lose patience. There is no good reason why bracket challenges should still be the most exciting part of the playoffs for a lot of Oiler […]

Rather Miss?

There was a poll put out by TSN 1260 asking if people would prefer to make the playoffs and keep the current GM or miss the playoffs and fire Chiarelli. Everyone knows that Chiarelli is unpopular and deservedly so but it’s still surprising to see that 67% of fans would rather see the team lose […]


Recently I saw a tweet from someone asking if anyone still believes the Oilers would make the playoffs and if so why? I’ll admit after the recent 6 game losing skid their odds have gone way down but I’m still very optimistic about their chances to not just make the playoffs but to make some […]


By now everyone has heard of the two trades the Oilers made for Petrovic and Manning. I don’t mind the first trade, Petrovic will be an upgrade over Wideman although the third round pick will be a steep price if he doesn’t sign an extension. Either way it’s a small enough trade that I’m not […]

Time to panic?

It wasn’t that long ago that the Oilers were somewhat comfortably in a playoff spot and one of the hotter teams in the league, on Dec 15 the Oilers were 9-2-2 under Hitchcock and Koskinen was looking like a Vezina trophy candidate. It looked like Hitchcock was the answer and the Oilers finally had it […]

Game 9 – Koskinen Starting

There’s a lot of storylines heading into game 9 against Nashville such as the Oilers going over .500 last game or the 13 game losing streak to Nashville but I think the biggest story has to be that Mikko Koskinen is making his Oilers debut. Starting Koskinen now instead of waiting for the Chicago game […]

Game 6 preview

After winning three games straight the Oilers have overcome a bad start to the season and they now have a winning record of 3-2. Theres a couple of key players that will be out for tonight’s game. The Oilers will be without Ty Rattie which isn’t ideal but it means Yamamto will be given a […]